What We Do

TCVCOG’s works collaboratively with our members to share resources and offer services that will maintain and improve your towns.

Grant Administration

We are a central hub that manages grant applications and awards, bids, and bid notifications for our members.

Utility Billing

Our staff streamlines the billing and collection process to ease the burden on our members and partners.

Code Enforcement

Certified officers will work in your town to enforce codes, report violations and use our in-house database to track the whole interaction from start to finish.

COGConnect is available on its own to any town needing a technology solution to track code enforcement.

Blight Mitigation

TCVCOG collaborated with Steel Rivers COG to create the Tri-COG Landbank.

Sewer Maintenance / Vactor

Our Vactor program helps towns comply with federal and state mandates for sewer maintenance.

Appeals Board

Thank You

Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments
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