Municipalities may join the TCVCOG through council resolution. 

Each member pays annual dues and may appoint two representatives to the Board of Directors – one voting and one alternate delegate.


Member Benefits

Members are able to participate in various cost-saving cooperative ventures, including:


Vactor Truck Opt-In

Use of the Vactor truck is available at a discount for members that opt-in to the program. Members can use the Vactor in their town for either seven or 15 days.

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Appeals Board

Members can participate in our joint UCC and Property Maintenance appeals board.

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Accounts Payable

Check distribution for any member can be done through the TCVCOG office. Checks are processed by our staff and returned to the borough, along with financial reports, for signature and distribution by borough staff. 

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Grant Administration

The COG administers the Community Development Block Grant Program on behalf of our participating member municipalities. This service is included as part of the membership fee. The COG also administers numerous other state and federal grant contracts.

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Police Chief Meetings

Your municipal police chief will be invited to participate in monthly meetings to discuss opportunities and solutions to common challenges.

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Utility Billings

Through this program, TCVCOG assumes responsibility for billing and collection for sewage, refuse and stormwater.

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Manager's Meetings

Your municipal manager/secretary will be invited to participate in monthly meetings to discuss opportunities and solutions to common challenges.


Joint Purchase

Through the InterCOC Purchasing Alliance, all members of the TCVCOG are included in the purchasing alliance which bids numerous commodities, such as line paint, swimming pool supplies, ammunition for police departments, rock salt, anti-skid, police cars, trucks and other products as requested by the various municipalities.

Become a Member

TCVCOG will provide a proposal that details the cost, benefits and other pertinent information.

Call Amanda Settelmaier at 412.858.5115 to discuss membership.


Forest Hills

Dedicating almost one quarter of the land area as public parks. 


Home to over 19 thousand residents.


Home to over 19 thousand residents.

Turtle Creek

Named after a small stream flowing into the Monongahela River.