About Us

The Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments (TCVCOG) is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 when eleven municipalities decided to work cooperatively to implement efficient, cost-effective programs that improve the communities they served. 

Today, there are 20 member municipalities continuing that mission and expanding our shared services and resources. Thanks to that growth over nearly fifty years, we now serve a total population of approximately 177,286 residents.

What is a COG?

A COG, short for council of governments, is an organization of local governments that work cooperatively to maintain and improve their communities. They do so by sharing expertise and resources, and creating COG-wide programs that reduce the stress on individual local government staffs through shared responsibility. 

By working with the central COG office and other members, towns save time, money and other resources that can then be distributed in other ways for the benefit of the community.

Our Mission

To facilitate collaboration, programs, and services that strengthen the connections between our member communities and the region

Our Vision

To foster safe, inclusive, and sustainable communities in which all residents are welcomed and valued; and to serve as the good government model for our region.

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Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments
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