Code Enforcement

From dealing with everyday eyesores to dangers to constituent wellbeing, code enforcement is integral to creating a thriving community and keeping property values up.

Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments (TCVCOG) is able to alleviate the problems that usually impact code enforcement in two significant ways: 

We employ certified code enforcement officers who will visit your towns to conduct on-the-ground and follow-up work to resolve violations as quickly as possible.

We use a custom database system that tracks and records the progress of violations and resolutions, should legal action need to be pursued.

Rely on Professional Code Enforcement Experts

TCVCOG currently employs certified code enforcement officers who will collaborate with your town to resolve problems before they get out of hand. Officer responsibilities include: 

 Surveying previously identified code violations and areas

Distributing notices to home and land owners, and businesses in violation

Following up on violation notices

Recording all activity per case in our database

Advising on enforcement matters and participating in legal resolutions as necessary

Occupancy Permit Application

An Occupancy Permit is required as part of the home buying process, and an inspection must take place when title changes and/or property use has changed.  Landlords must also obtain a permit when tenants, property ownership, or property use has changed.  This application for a permit requires an application fee,  payable at the time of property inspection.  The application fee is determined by the municipality where the property is located.

East McKeesport Borough fee $60.00 

Chalfant Borough fee is $75.00

Please complete the form by following the button below. For questions, please contact

Turtle Creek Valley COG Appeals Boards

Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Appeals Board

The UCC Board is a COG-wide Board that responds to appeals from our participating towns. A regional approach has enabled the creation of a full board that is ready to comply with the law.

Property Maintenance Appeals Board

TCVCOG, through its board of directors, has established a review board that responds to appeals related to property maintenance in participating communities. A regional approach has enabled the creation of collaborative compliance with theInternational Property Maintenance Code.

Request an Occupancy Inspection

Fill out our application to request an occupany inspection.

Build Your Case for Enforcement

We see costly legal action as the last resort in cases of code violations. When it comes to litigation, getting the attention of an already busy court is hard enough, but having inadequate supporting documentation of violations and notices make it more difficult to build a case and resolve violations in court. 

Our officers use our custom database to record every interaction and outcome to create a full story of the violation and pursuit of resolution. TCVCOG developed this tool specifically to give towns the ability to better enforce their codes and solve problems within their communities.

Partner with TCVCOG on Code Enforcement

Towns that work with TCVCOG on code enforcement may use both the services of our officers and our database, or you may license the use of our database to complement your own code enforcement officers’ work.

Sign-Up for Code Enforcement Services.

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Home to over 19 thousand residents.

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