Membership with the TCVCOG is a great value! Annual dues of $4,590 per year are more than compensated for through the Community Development Block Grant Program and/or the Joint Purchase Alliance.

Collaboration pays off!
In 2014 eleven municipalities came together, through our Manager’s Advisory Committee, to engage Cohen Law Group to negotiate Verizon Cable Franchise Agreements. Through reduced costs from collaboration and a TCVCOG-RAD contribution, community savings were between $3,350-$4,850. These savings covered much of the cost of membership dues! This is an example of how the TCVCOG adds value to membership for those that participate.

Furthermore, members are offered numerous opportunities throughout the year to participate in various cost saving joint ventures. Our standard services are as follows –

  • Accounts Payable
  • Sewage / Refuse Billings
  • Vactor Truck Opt-in and Member communities recieve discounted rate
  • Joint Purchase – through the InterCog Purchasing Alliance – all members of the Turtle Creek Valley COG are included in the purchasing alliance which bids line paint, swimming pool supplies, ammunition for police departments, rock salt, anti-skid, police cars, trucks and a lot of other products as requested by the various municipalities.
  • Joint Bidding – Joint bidding of asphalt/street reconstruction, demolition and refuse are currently being discussed by those towns interested in participating.
  • Manager’s Meetings – your municipal manager/secretary will be invited to participate in monthly meetings to discuss opportunities and solutions to common challenges.
  • Police Chief Meetings – your municipal police chief will be invited to participate in monthly meetings to discuss opportunities and solutions to common challenges.
  • Grant Administration – the COG administers the Community Development Block Grant Program on behalf of our participating member municipalities. This service is included as part of the membership fee. The COG also administers numerous other State grant contracts.

If you are interested in these services, we can provide a proposal that explains the one time start-up fee and other pertinent information.

We take pride in providing quality service, and continually search for new ways to serve our members. We encourage your inquiries so that we may discuss how the TCVCOG can benefit your town.


How to Join:
Call Amanda Settelmaier at 412.858.5115 to discuss membership.